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class PersonalInfo:
def init(self, name, age, location, school):
self.name = Juainny
self.birth = Nov, 30
self.age = 15
self.location = NYC
def displayinfo(self):
info = f"Name: {self.name}
Location: {self.location}
School: {self.school}"
info = PersonalInfo("Juainny", 15, "New York, Dominican Republic", "High School")info.displayinfo()

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"UVST 002" is a remix of my initial graffiti creation, which was crafted using watercolors to showcase Bad Bunny's most notable albums. This artwork was a labor of love that required several days to complete.


We would like to introduce you to "TWN", a captivating piece of art that portrays the story of two twins inhabiting a single body. The artwork showcases the twins' shared experiences of pain and more, depicted through blood splatters and minimal lighting. The inspiration behind this artwork is the intriguing story of Juainny and Layla, who were once inseparable as they shared the same body.

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